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Are you look­ing for new chal­lenges? You want a dif­fer­ent scope of design in your job? You would like to com­plete a dual study pro­gram or an appren­tice­ship via rd elec­tron­ic? Can we sup­port you with a top­ic for your final the­sis? Or would you like to gain your first expe­ri­ence with us as an intern (m/f/d) or work­ing stu­dent (m/f/d)?

We only have inter­est­ing top­ics! Still noth­ing for you? Then send us an unso­licit­ed application.


Cur­rent offers

Why rd electronic?

Start-up men­tal­i­ty — Open to inno­va­tion and change

Per­for­mance-relat­ed com­pen­sa­tion & Par­tic­i­pa­tion in com­pa­ny success

Flex­i­ble work­ing with indi­vid­ual work­ing time models

Work across departments

Free design scope